Ye. Honcharov, I. Polyakov, V. Markov, N. Kryukova, D. Boykov, N. Skrebtsov, I. Tsebriuk


The article analyzes the existing methods and ways of developing and improving information and energy systems and grids. A number of questions are analyzed regarding the prospects for the development of information and energy systems and power lines. It has been determined that the basis of the electric power industry is the integrated energy system, which provides centralized energy supply to domestic consumers, interacts with the energy systems of neighboring countries, and ensures the export and import of electric power. It is concluded that in recent years, the so-called “cloud technologies” have become increasingly popular. From an analysis of the current state of the electric power industry, it follows that the need for its modernization and improvement. Accordingly, in connection with the transition of the world electric power industry to energy-efficient technologies, the main attention should be directed to studying the connection between the processes of transmission and distribution of electric power , as well as the related “smart” measurements, issues of the operation of energy markets and the operation of regulatory standards.. It was noted that with the creation of the concept of “smart grids”, it is important to develop appropriate regulatory and technical support for the integration of dispersed energy sources using existing modern power electronics devices and storage devices, which will lead to the creation of a capacity management platform based on modern technologies. It is noted that the possibility of functioning in real time is provided due to the specific organization of the information grid, rather than an electric grid, which is provided due to the specific organization of the information grid. The results of the analysis indicate that the control information center must have sufficient computing power and bandwidth of the computing grid as well as spare computing power capacities to permanent operability assurance.

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grid technologies; information management systems; computer technologies; energy savings

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